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TITEL :„ Emptiness is mindfulness. “

Interview with Krishnastakis (Sunshine house -Thai Massage, Greece)

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My name is Krishnastakis. Im here for you guys.

I have just a simple question Im curious about mindfulness. What is your opinion about mindfulness?

You can not think about mindfulness. As soon as you mind got to think about anything your are not mindful. So mindfulness is something that out of your analyse mind. You can not speculate and understand mindful with your mind. How can you be full of mind and be mindful. So for mindfulness I will just use the word emptiness. That what I always say to my students: “ You need to empty to be able to understand how to touch people.“

Thinking with the hands?

Thinking nothing. You go empty with your hands. You dive in that universitalty of your self. This is mindfulness. When you let go of yourself of your identity. So when your drop all your believes, take all your layer of your persona, ideas and your dogmas. Everything that you holding and hiding. Everything. Burn them all. Than we can start, feel or be mindful.

So it is just something for the moment?

Of course the budhismen approich is the present moment. You can say Im in the present moment – Im mindful. Again you say im aware. Awarness is always there. What ever we are witnessing what ever is the scream of conscience rewill. This is awareness. You can not speak of awareness or mindfulness. It its not of about big concentration on something where we are looking for an object or a subject. We are not looking for duality again. We looking for something that is witnessing the duality. That you can call awarness or mindfulness.

I like these word empty because it is for my my journey to empty myself to burn all my stories, life, pattern, memories, family stories, everything whatever I bring not just from my ancestors but from the journey of the soul. It is very difficult and also simple. Why we are here, what is yoga, what is the practise, what is the jounrey? What is selfrealisation? It is just to realise your truth self. That is why im into Vedanta  and Budhismus it is all the same. Buddha, Christus, Alah, all there, is empty. No ego, no mind no I – just pure service.

Beeing totally empty is difficult because we are human or? No?

Humanity or the evalution of human is to become a butterfly. We are here for the selfrealisation. Just nothing. To use your potential.

Thank you very much.

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